Award-winning wines


MonteRosola’s award-winning wines are all single vineyard, handpicked and bottled at the estate using organic growing methods.

Maniacal attention to detail in the vineyard, including manual selection of every individual grape during harvest, combined with cutting-edge cellar processes such as dry-ice cold maceration and primary fermentation in oak barrels, all in the quest to deliver the most wonderfully complex tannins and rich body. Since 2013 MonteRosola is also working 100% Organic and hence use no chemicals or pesticides in the vineyard and olive grove.

The result is a set of extraordinary wines that are handcrafted, artisanal, and resolutely non-conformist.

All our wines carry the contour of our terroir proudly on their capsules and all can be delivered either in sealable wooden boxes or in cartons.

Our premium Supertuscan.
Blend usually of Syrah with Carbernet Sauvignon
and Sangiovese.

Our premium Supertuscan.
Blend usually of Sangiovese and Cabernet

Our single variety Sangiovese.
Fruity and earthy
With leather tones.

Our single variety Merlot.
Aged 18 months
in selected oak barrels.

Production is limited per year.

In this section you can
read about all the
awards given to our wines.

The cellar has been equipped with all that is required to turn perfect grapes into high quality wine: clean design, oak fermentation vats, gentle pumps, full air conditioning and temperature-controlled fermentation loops. A small lab provides for an essential in-house analysis facility. French oak barriques are used for aging and refinement of the wine.


Alberto Antonini has been the chief enologist/winemaker of MonteRosola since 2008.

Alberto Antonini

During Albertos supervision MonteRosola’s wines have continued to improve and has gained us several international awards and recognitions. With the help of Alberto, MonteRosola will continue to strive to make the best wines possible, using the most advanced and suitable vinification process in combination with the relentless work of our talented Vignerons.

Alberto was born in Cerreto Guidi near Florence, Tuscany. His education includes a Doctorate degree in Agricultural Studies from the University of Florence and an enology degree in Bordeaux and at theUniversity of California, DavisAlberto Antonini, has been chosen by Decanter Magazine as one of the top 5 Winemakers in the world.

His experience includes involvement as senior wine maker for the wineries of the Antinori and theFrescobaldi families, two of the leading Italian winemaking families as well as several new world wineries, particularly in the U.S. and Argentina such as for E & J Gallo Winery, Altos Las Hormigas, Bodega Melipal, Al Este Bodega y Viñedos and Bodegas Nieto Senetiner.

He is cited as a key player in helping Argentine Malbec wines gain international appreciation and reputation.


We have a talented, devoted, small staff that we can trust and that appreciates the standards we want to achieve.

  • Alberto Antonini: Enologist and chief wine maker.
  • Giacomo Cesari: Enologist, assists Alberto Antonini in making our wines.
  • Stefano Dini: Agronomist, is in charge of our viticulture.
  • Michele Senesi: Agronomist and Managing Director of MonteRosola.
  • And our talented Vignerons Daniele, Dario, Andrea and Arnold.


Our grape varieties are: Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. In 2017 we harvested our first Manzoni Bianco (6.0.13), Grechetto, Viogner and Cabernet Franc. In 2018 we will harvest our first Vermentino. All grown 100% organically.


We use the classical Guyot training system for the vines. All pruning and crop reduction as well as most of the canopy (leaf) management is done by hand. We reduce the green crop by over 50%. The work of our Vignerons are extremely important for the quality of the wines.

The final harvest is again totally manual including a rigorous pre-selection and sorting process of the grapes. This results in highly concentrated yet elegant wines of top quality.

We firmly believe that a great wine is foremost made in the vineyard the subsequent winery work is important but cannot replace the need for perfect grapes.

This principle is our quality guide, we follow it rigorously it requires very high commitment, passion and diligence.

Since 2013, MonteRosola work fully Organic using no chemicals or pesticides.



Our vineyard is situated 430m above sea level facing straight south. Starting 2014 we are currently expanding the vineyard from 2 ha to 23 ha. It lies at the end of a steadily climbing valley, 50 km away from the Mediterranean shoreline. The soil is composed of fertile clay and minerals stemming from the unique deposits of Alabaster which is a type of limestone. In fact, the Alabaster makes the terroir truly unique, which is why we call it our Volterroir.  Furthermore, the soil drains well due to the gentle slopes. In the hot months the soil forms a hard crust on the surface, which protects the ground from excessive humidity evaporation. This provides optimum growing conditions, similar to those of Montalcino.

Moist springs followed by hot Tuscan summers make for dynamic vegetative growing conditions that are further supported by the steady winds which keep grapes dry and fungal infections low. High temperature fluctuations between day and night help the development of the grapes for maximum flavor.

MonteRosola is situated just a few km from the old Etruscan capital of Volterra. The Etruscans were growing wine in this region over 3000 years ago, thus winegrowing is a vital part of this regions heritage. Volterra has also been known as the city of Alabaster which has gained the city world-wide recognition.


Our labels have been designed to reflect the uniqueness of our wines.

The Wine Labels were designed in 2009 to mark Alberto Antonini’s art in making our wines, and the perfect understanding we have achieved in translating our vision and our terroir into elegant, powerful wines with a unique touch. We commissioned the work to the well known designer Fernando Gutierrez.
These are wood-cut illustrations. The process is manual, elaborate and meticulous – just as the making of our wines. They are, furthermore, the artist’s interpretation of unique MonteRosola themes.

For the illustrations, we chose the work of Christopher Wormell, which we felt captured the hand-made quality of MonteRosola’s wines, and could serve to convey the unique sense of place in striking fashion.


A premium, single estate, handpicked extra virgin olive oil from our state of the art, 3Ha grove located 430m high, on the west-facing hills of MonteRosola. The climatic conditions here provide for a naturally healthy environment for the olives. The olive grow is currently under expansion.

The earth, particularly favorable in its constitutional elements for olive trees, drains well and the winds maintain the fruit aerated and naturally insect-free.

The olives are picked by hand, carefully selected then cold pressed without delay for maximum flavour preservations and very low acidity. The oil has a full-bodied aroma and its taste is fruity and slightly peppery, typical for the hill-grown Tuscan olive oil derived from the combination of Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino tree varieties. The high levels of phenolic components (antioxidants) and low acidity render our oil particularly healthy.
Since 2013 the work is 100% Organic.

”The sensory impact is mature and very soft, enlivened by a fresh and fragrant floral touch, truly fine and different. In the mouth it reveals a light enrobing character, sign that it is rich in polifenolics, and which gives consistency to an elegantly sweet and pleasingly spicy taste sensation.” (Tasting of March 21, 2011-Seminario Permanente Veronelli)



The estate MonteRosola is located in the heart of Tuscany near Volterra, the ancient Etruscan capital, and dates back to the 15th century.

MonteRosola was built in the 15th century, originally as a fortified outpost for the Pignano Castle, it later became homestead for 3 to 4 farming families. The main products were olive oil, wine and grain. Hence, it is fair to say that wine and olive oil has been produced at MonteRosola for around 600 years.

The hills surrounding Volterra rise over 600m and are wind-swept most of the year. The character of the earth and our special microclimate (terroir) are particularly well suited for wine and olive oil production thanks to the healthy growing conditions.


The intensive manual work in the vineyard and olive grove is supplemented with modern agricultural technologies for the achievement of the highest quality standards.


In 1999, Gottfried Schmitt and Carmen Vieytes purchased MonteRosola and commenced a rigorous renovation and restoration process preserving the original character of the estate and also replanted a state of the art olive grove and vineyard.


In 2013, Bengt and Ewa Thomaeus acquired the estate as well as more than 120 hectares of the surrounding land. The Thomaeus family have converted the whole estate to organic farming.


The vineyard and the olive grove are currently being expanded both with existing and new olive and grape varieties. A new gravitational, high tech, eco friendly and sustainable cantina is currently being build and will be finalized in autumn 2018.


The Thomaeus family together with the talented staff is devoted to the pursuit to make the best wines in the world.

Tenuta MonteRosola embarked in 2005 on a program to maximize its use of renewable energy.

A 35kW peak thermal solar plant supplies hot water, heats the pool and provides about 25% of our winter heating needs. In addition we have wood burning systems that supplement our liquid gas central heating and use some of our waste biomass from the vineyard and olive tree pruning.

A 10.3kW peak photovoltaic solar panel installation produces about 14000kwhr per year which is more than half of our annual electrical power need..


Here you can find news and information about MonteRosola. We try to show as much as possible of what we are doing in our journey to bring high quality wines to our clients.


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How to get to MonteRosola.

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Our main gate is situated on Strada Regionale 68 (SR 68) by the road sign 49,5 km.