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Canto Della Civetta

canto della civetta2

A ruby/purple wine, rounded, rich and powerful, with distinct notes of black berries and notes of aromas of old roses. Very long in the finish.

Nature’s gift. Vintner’s single variety selection of the year.
Aged 18 months in selected French oak barrels. A well structured Merlot, with a rich mouthfill, elegant tannins and long in the finish. We named this wine after the white owl that visits the estate on warm summer nights, sits in one of the the old stone oaks overlooking the vineyard and sings.
The name has also deep ties to Volterra, where owls are believed to bring good luck.

Super Three Blue Stars, 93 Points, Veronelli Wine Guide – I Vini di Veronelli 2013
2009 IGP
100% Merlot


Color: ruby/purple

Nose: Distinct notes of fresh black berries, like cassis and mulberries. Notes of aromas of old roses. Hint of “goudron”.

Bocca: Rounded, rich and powerful, with elegant tannins and a very long finish with a hint of spices.

Serve with: The characteristics of this wine make it an ideal companion for most dishes, and in particular with poultry or wild fowl.